Singing Valentines 2021

Capitol City Chordsmen

Don't just say "I Love You." Have us sing it!

This years Valentine's Day is February 14, 2021. While Covid has shut down any in-person singing that is our passion, we still want to give you a chance to send something to that special someone in your life. We have created a Virtual Singing Valentine! This is a FREE video performance of our Lots-of-Love Quartet that you can share with your valentine. Just click below to see the video. We have a place below for you to make a donation to help defer the cost of making the video and also to support your Capitol City Chordsman!

Your donation towards the Singing Valentines supports the Lansing Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society and the Capitol City Chordsmen. Thank you so much for everything you do. Enjoy the video we made!



The first song is a standard barbershop tune that we sing every year for people on Valentine’s Day.  All barbershoppers learn this song, and we hope you enjoy this classic: “Heart of My Heart”.

The second song is another barbershop traditional tune that demonstrates how much our Valentine is the ideal of our dreams.  Please listen along as we sing: “Sweet, Sweet Roses of Morn”.

The next few songs move us forward in time.  Each of these songs are tunes that are learned by all barbershoppers in Michigan, as part of the Harmony Mercenaries.  This next song is an upbeat song made famous by Ricky Nelson in 1961.  We hope you can tap along as we sing: “Hello, Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart”.

This next song will take us back to the hit movie: “The Lion King” and was sung originally by Sir Elton John.  We hope you “Can Feel the Love Tonight”.

Our final number will take us to the first of the Pixar movies: “Toy Story”, and this song can be shared with any Valentine.  In many cases, our Valentine may be our best friend, and we who we share our greatest secrets with. Please join us as we sing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

The four gentlemen that sang for you today include: Charlie Martin (tenor), Mike Roberts (bass), Brad Sharlow (lead), and Jake Kershaw (baritone).  Thank you for listening to us today.  If you would like to have one of our quartets come and sing to you, the Lansing chapter currently has four active quartets available.